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Why This Is Taking So Long, Part IV

Want to know why writing Emmett’s book has been taking so long? I submit: I found this during my ‘go back and check databases for updates’ routine. Something I do every other month or so. The Chronicling America database is huge, which is why one would want to limit the […]

The Brent-Warren Wedding

Bonnie Burnham, society editor of The Pensacola Journal predicted that the wedding of Emily Brent and Alba Warren would be one of ‘the most elaborate of all the weddings’, and it was one of the first weddings held after Lent — on Easter Monday. The article mentioning the Brent-Warren wedding […]

Medical History

Yesterday’s essay about Emmett’s father, Dr. Francis C. Wilson, spurred me to pay a visit to one of the best-kept museum secrets here in metro Washington, D.C.: The National Museum of Health and Medicine. Just so you know — this is not a museum for the faint of heart or […]

“Mega-talented, but self-destructive”

My friend, the wonderful Sue Tindel, of the Jackson County (Florida) Circuit Clerk’s Office, used the title of today’s post to describe someone she knew once, who ironically, was also an alcoholic (but in recovery). The person she was describing was also, ironically, the same age as Emmett when he […]

Florida Gazetteer & Business Directory

Here is a fantastic, new-to-me, resource that I stumbled upon this morning! What’s nice is that this directory fills in some information spaces between censuses and city directory publications. It lists a lot important folks Emmett ran with (i.e., people who would pay to have their names listed, plus advertising), […]

Emmett, Catholicism, Faith, Amends

It was a tough time to be Roman Catholic in Florida during the early 1900s. Heck, it was tough to be Catholic anywhere in the U.S. at that time. When Emmett moved back to Pensacola in 1906, to rebuild his career after his embarrassing tenure in Illinois, image was important. […]

Heirlooms United

Here is an absolutely wonderful treasure trove of vintage autograph albums, photo albums, calling cards, journals — everything I would love to have about Emmett Wilson or any other of Emmett’s friends. I stumbled across it in search of information on one of Emmett’s roommates for his second book — […]

Not a Hoax

Friends: Some of my neighbors recently received a document called the American Community Survey, and voiced concerns on our community listserv about it — primarily, the concern was that it was a hoax, or another attempt by the government to be intrusive in private citizen’s lives. It’s not a hoax. […]

Primary Sources

Here’s a great blog I like to follow, written by two librarians about public libraries and primary source material. Librarian Holly Hibner discusses the missions of certain public libraries, and that not every library is equipped to handle or preserve primary sources. (I did not know that!) Hibner’s article is […]