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Chapter 193: Best Man for a Good Man

April 25, 2023Chevy Chase, Maryland Emmett and Paul Carter had a long, close friendship. They were best friends for most of their lives. Their friendship began in childhood, when Emmett and his family moved to Chipley, after his mother’s death in June, 1891, and his father remarried a wealthy widow […]

Chapter 192: The Sopranos

April 6, 2023Chevy Chase, Maryland Emmett remained a bachelor to the end of his life, but he wasn’t without affairs of the heart. He knew what it was to fall in love; but he wasn’t a closer, when it came to settling down. And that was a big deal for […]

Chapter 191: Asshole

March 25, 2023Chevy Chase, Maryland Emmett’s summer of 1912, on the surface, seemed low-key, and predictable. According to contemporary media coverage, he went about his business as usual: Prosecuting cases for the State of Florida, visiting or entertaining relatives who stopped over from Marianna, Chipley, or Sneads, contributing to political […]

Chapter 190: Summer Happenings

March 15, 2023Chevy Chase, Maryland In 2014, when I began organizing all the information I had about Emmett into a table, the idea was so that I could have a chronological view of him and his life, so that it would (theoretically) make the writing task flow more smoothly. I […]

Chapter 189: Sightseeing

July 5, 1912The Raleigh HotelWashington, D.C. Walter KehoeKehoe and Wilson700-702 American National Bank BuildingPensacola, Florida Walter: Our visit to Washington is almost over; we’ll leave on the evening train out of Union Station later this afternoon. Griggs, Crawford, and myself have most of the day to go about town and […]

Chapter 186: Baltimore

June 27, 1912Hotel CaswellBaltimore, Maryland Walter KehoeKehoe and Wilson700-702 American National Bank BuildingPensacola, Florida Dear Walter: It’s about 2 am here in Baltimore, and I finally have a few moments to write you. I don’t know how much I’ll get down on paper; and yet, members of our delegation are […]

Chapter 179: Whirlwind

May 9, 1912Pensacola, Florida And so, the race begins again. Three weeks of nonstop activity. Live speeches in fourteen counties. It will be the most compressed, pressured project ever undertaken, and I cannot let on how damned tired I am, nor how my stomach turns over in knots whenever I […]

Chapter 177: Close to a Win

May 4, 1912Pensacola, Florida More than two-thirds of the vote for the congressional race has been counted, but here we are, several days after the election, and still, the final vote count was unknown. What adds to the delay is the fact that a huge storm has come through the […]