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Chapter 107: New From the South

May 1, 2015Chevy Chase, Maryland I’ve been reading microfilm for hours. My eyes are dry. But what a freaking goldmine. Not only am I finding long-missing information about Emmett Wilson’s wherabouts during 1905 and 1906, there is a ton of contextual information about Nicholas Van Sant, Emmett’s roommates at his […]

What’s in the Trunk?

I have good progress to report about Emmett and his six month sojourn in Sterling, Illinois, in 1906. First, I finished the microfilm from the Abraham LIncoln Presidential Library in record time. I had no choice; the loan window on this set of film was small. I think I gave […]

The Sterling Dilemma

A few weeks ago, I found out that Emmett decided to pull up stakes and relocate from Marianna, Florida to Sterling, Illinois in January, 1906. This just seemed odd to me: Why would someone up and leave his home, family, business and professional contacts, and budding political network to relocate […]

Something in the Air

I’ve been a little distracted. Not really focused on my work for the past three or four days. Here’s why. The weather has been beautiful here in D.C. It is hard to make myself sit in front of a computer screen, or slog though piles of notes. I think Emmett […]