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The Process

The posts are fewer and further between this month. Don’t worry. It’s all good. I’ve had my head down in the notes, charts, and multiple rough drafts as I try to close out the first book sometime before the end of December. That’s my latest and most reasonable deadline. Thing […]

Caught in a Draft and Loving It

I don’t know anyone who can write a document without putting it through the rough draft process. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t write, minimally, two drafts before they call a document finished. Who are the people who can write a document, a chapter, a paper perfectly the first time, […]

133 and Holding

Today is Emmett Wilson’s 133rd birthday! I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with something clever, that does not feel contrived, to honor this auspicious day. Most of the reason for the lack of inspiration is the residual mental crispiness of burnout from all the writing this past week. […]

Dialogue & Voices

They’ve been chatty this weekend, Emmett and his sister, Katie Wilson Meade. Two days in the writing cave, and 37 pages. It’s a very rough draft, but it means a few important scenes are roughed in. Editing will happen later. What I wanted to accomplish this weekend was to get […]