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Chapter 26: I Suddenly Grew Up

The final page of Katie Wilson Meade’s narrative is brief: There were no wharves or piers to land near, so the “big” boys jumped over-board and carried us in their arms. It was a lot of fun! We were much freer out there because there was no jungle to breed […]

Chapter 25: We Began a New Life

Page six of Katie Wilson Meade’s narrative continues from the trip out of the jungle back to civilization. This section picks up from the last sentence of page five in the previous post. The men walked along side of the wagon, so when the oxen got stubborn the men yelled […]

Lynx-Eyed Guardian

Emmett’s grand-niece (his sister Katie’s granddaughter) discovered a hidden cache of Wilson family clips the other day, and (God bless her), she promptly sent me copies! Today, I’ll share an interesting one about Cephas. The source is unidentified, but it is likely a West Florida newspaper, because of the way […]

Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson, Part III

We continue with the story of Emmett’s mother, Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson. In our last post, Emmett’s parents were living in Holly Springs, Mississippi, with six young children, renting a house next to Elizabeth’s sister, Lucy Maxwell Meade and her husband, Everard. The Wilsons has been married almost 10 years, with […]

Proof of Existence

How many of us take for granted our birth certificate? Think about this. How many people do you know who can say that they do not have a birth certificate? Nowadays, that is often the critical document to prove that you even exist. Try getting a driver’s license or a […]