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Chapter 13: Disappointing diagnosis?

About two weeks after following up with Mike Burke with the proper Wilson ancestor information, and approval from Sacred Heart Hospital’s general counsel, I received this email message: Well, there it was: An official hospital record indicating Emmett was an alcoholic. But was that enough? In research, one has to […]

The Rev. Dr. FCW

Continuing with the exploration of A. Max Wilson’s descendants, we meet the second child, the Rev. Dr. Francis Childria Wilson. Because there’s now two Dr. Francis C. Wilsons to reference in this family, I’ll refer to Emmett’s father as Dr. FCW, and Emmett’s nephew as Rev. FCW. We first see […]

Maxed Out

Here’s a list of the Wilson children (from oldest to youngest) and my find/contact progress thus far: Maxwell Augustus Wilson (‘Max’) — eleven children, no contacts yet. Cephas Love Wilson (‘Cephas’) — two children; a son and a daughter. No contacts yet with any of Cephas’ descendants. Percy Brockenbrough Wilson […]


Next week is the visit with Katie Wilson Meade’s granddaughter in Charlottesville. I’m doing my homework, preparing questions, and putting together a collection of photos and documents about the Wilson family that she might not have. I’m interested to learn about the dynamic between Katie and her siblings. Was she […]