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Chapter 26: I Suddenly Grew Up

The final page of Katie Wilson Meade’s narrative is brief: There were no wharves or piers to land near, so the “big” boys jumped over-board and carried us in their arms. It was a lot of fun! We were much freer out there because there was no jungle to breed […]

Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson, Part III

We continue with the story of Emmett’s mother, Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson. In our last post, Emmett’s parents were living in Holly Springs, Mississippi, with six young children, renting a house next to Elizabeth’s sister, Lucy Maxwell Meade and her husband, Everard. The Wilsons has been married almost 10 years, with […]

Brotherly Confirmation

This is a document that was shared with me by Katie Wilson Meade’s granddaughter, Elizabeth, during my visit to Charlottesville in January. The story behind this document is that Elizabeth’s father, Everard Wilson Meade, wanted to join the Navy during World War II, and the lack of an official birth […]