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Qualitative Discomfort; Trip Prep

The work on the second chapter of Emmett’s story — known as the First Plot Point section — continues. This is a dense chapter, folks, mostly because we get to know Emmett through the significant others in his life, and, we get a glimpse at what it is that pushes […]

The Second Research Trip to Pensacola

Friends I have finally booked the second trip to Pensacola. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends again, and filling in some of the information holes in Emmett’s story. I’ve met some very nice folks along the research trek, so, that makes doing work enjoyable. I wish everyone liked their […]

The Perfect Storm

Readers, I had been planning another trip to Pensacola to get information on Emmett’s career as an attorney, District Attorney, and State Attorney during 1906-09. However, that second trip may be delayed. I found this today: Uh oh. I’ve kvetched about hitting roadblocks before, but this barrier is a significant […]