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There is Movement

Depending on where you are today, you might think it funny that I’m calling this a heatwave: But all last week, we had to deal with ‘high temps’ of 9 degrees or so. Let me tell you: Even the chickens protested. We only had one of out of our six […]

It is All About the Arc

As of this past weekend, Emmett’s biographical story structure is in place. Now can I start actually writing the book? I wish. That gigantic story architecture/outline I shared with you two weeks earlier is comprehensive and in good order, but the outline now needs in-depth expansion. My next step is […]


“Pantsing’ is a term in the writing business that is short for “writing by the seat of your pants,” or, writing without a plan. It is something I’d been doing for a few months, and in December, it caught up with me. You see, I had a good idea about […]