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Take Me to 1911!

Guys, fantastic news! The New York Public Library released 180K historic images to a digital archive, and yes, instead of braving the frigging cold of 16 degrees (as it is outside right now), you and I can peruse in our pajamas! One very cool feature of the NYPL is this […]

Gratitude and Buckram Binding

This morning, the archivist at Florida State University library let me know they had found a text I’d been seeking (and thinking did not exist anymore) for about three or four months. Joy! What’s more, the archivist advised that they are having to disbind the book in order to digitize […]

Outlier, Outcast, One of Us

Yesterday afternoon, I finished reading the 1918 edition of The Chipley Banner. This publication is significant in Emmett’s research because Chipley, Florida was Emmett’s boyhood home. His father, Dr. F.C. Wilson, was a well respected townsman and the postmaster (a patronage gift from Emmett while a congressman). While Emmett was […]