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Rm w/a View & Then Some

Have you seen this? Yep, that’s a lawmaker getting ready to go nighty-night right there in the office. The NPR story, which can be found here, says it is a matter of circumstances for many of our elected officials: It is expensive to live in D.C., to plunk down an […]

Room & Board in D.C., 1914

Here’s an interesting item I found on the wonderful DC history resource, Ghosts of DC. It is a pocket directory of apartments, as printed by The Washington Times paper, from 1914. Emmett lived in the Congress Hall Hotel, which catered to congressmen, and was an easy commute. It was right […]

Home Away From Home

Friends, one thing I’ve noticed in doing Emmett’s research over the past year is that he and I have several things in common. For instance, when I first moved to Washington, D.C. many years ago, I was the same age as Emmett, except, I certainly wasn’t a congresswoman.  (I worked […]