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Wise Wiselogels

Here’s the obituary for Louis Wiselogel, father of Lula Wiselogel Wilson Grether, Emmett’s sister-in-law. I found it while I was looking for something else (naturally)! Lula married Emmett’s older brother, big shot politician and gubernatorial candidate Cephas Love Wilson in 1893. It was not an easy marriage for Lula; a […]

A Major Grain of Salt

That item I posted in yesterday’s update had some errors. I realized that after I posted it. After spending three years with this family and its records, I like being able to spot errors and confirm the information via my collection of vetted sources. Yay, research! But the errors…does that make […]

New Impressions From Old Film

For the past two weeks, the focus has been on reading back issues of The Chipley Banner from 1893-1904, and getting details about the gaps of information during Emmett’s boyhood. I finished the reels and they are on their way back to the University of West Florida. There wasn’t much […]