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“Pantsing’ is a term in the writing business that is short for “writing by the seat of your pants,” or, writing without a plan. It is something I’d been doing for a few months, and in December, it caught up with me. You see, I had a good idea about […]

Ironic Architecture

One of the early hospitals in Pensacola was St. Anthony’s Hospital and Sanitarium, which also was known as the Pensacola Sanitarium. It was located at the corner of Garden and Baylen Streets. There weren’t many hospitals in Pensacola during the early 1900s; you certainly wouldn’t have seen a large medical […]

The Writing Life

I’d love to be able to tell you that writing Emmett’s story is something that feels natural, easy, and fun 100 percent of the time. I wish that were the case. But the reality is that writing is a lot of work. Creating something that hasn’t existed before out of […]