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Ebay Surprise

Readers, I have to say that I’ve been surprised not only at the amount of information I’ve been able to find about dear obscure Emmett, but where I’ve found it. Last week, I did a wild-card search on Ebay for anything about Emmett, or Emmett’s colleagues. Lo and behold, I […]

Working the Media

Emmett’s grand niece Elizabeth alerted me to another Cephas find the other day. One immediate takeaway from this piece was interesting — Ceph described as gossipy. Honestly, I don’t find that surprising. Cephas knew the value of the media in building one’s political career, as did Emmett.  Both Ceph and […]

Wanting to Be Found

Call me crazy, but when I find myself hitting a brick wall in the research, I ask Emmett for help. Truth. Also, every time I’ve done it, I’ve gotten a response — usually in the form of new information, or a new lead. The fact I am also dogged and […]

Something in the Air

I’ve been a little distracted. Not really focused on my work for the past three or four days. Here’s why. The weather has been beautiful here in D.C. It is hard to make myself sit in front of a computer screen, or slog though piles of notes. I think Emmett […]

The Illinois Experiment

Back in the mid-1980’s, when I was a year or so out of journalism school with some experience writing for daily newspapers under my belt, I got the itch to move on to a bigger newspaper market, with a more interesting beat, and more exciting stories to write. Columbus, Mississippi […]

The Class Prophet

A few days ago, I was reading through archived copies of Stetson University’s student newspaper, the Stetson Weekly Collegiate, and I noticed that in some of the issues printed either before or right after graduation, some of those papers printed the graduating class’ ‘Prophecy.’ This is a old tradition for […]