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Deja Vu?

Remember this post? Someone on Zillow used my research to write up this house sales pitch. In April 2017, a gentleman from a real estate office in Pensacola contacted me about this property, telling me it was going on the market in about a year, thought the information I’d gathered on […]

Two Years!

Can you believe it? It has been two years in the blogosphere! The second anniversary snuck up on me. It has been Spring Break here in Maryland; the kids have been home for 10 days, good for them, good for family activities. Bad for writing on the manuscript, but everything […]

Emmett’s Alma Mater & Grammar Woes

You’ve seen me rant in earlier posts about the decline in general student performance, both in my own classes and in higher ed in general. Here’s an interesting story about collegiate football fans. Given the fact that I see — and catch — more instances of plagiarism and poor grammar […]

The Dean Will See You Now

Well, that didn’t take long. My class is only 10 days old, and already, I have a plagiarism sanction, and not for a paper, either. It is for someone’s post in a discussion forum, folks. The Adult Student couldn’t be troubled to THINK for more than five minutes about a […]

Emmett Wilson, Analog Man

Folks, as some you already know, I teach for the University of Maryland in between research and writing Emmett’s book. The Fall academic session started on Monday, so we are on Day Four of an eight-week mini-semester. Already, I’ve had to do the following: On the second day of class, […]