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Chapter 167: Command Performance

March 31, 2022Chevy Chase, Maryland Emmett didn’t get away with the ‘engagement’ announcement without consequences. Oh no. Emmett was summoned to Columbus, Georgia, by Whit Kelly. I doubt it was by cordial letter. I also doubt Whit would have telephoned Emmett; a telephone call would have been costly. Also, Emmett […]

Chapter 135: Setting the Scene

June 10, 2021Chevy Chase, Maryland Before we jump into the next chapter of Emmett’s life, let’s set the scene: In September, 1906, we know that Emmett moved to Pensacola. He moved in with family friends; specifically, the John Kehoe family, at 221 West Cervantes Street in Pensacola. John Kehoe was […]

Wonderful Distraction: Vanished Washington

I’ve spent several hours this weekend immersed in a pictorial website, Vanished Washington: An architectural eulogy of what was Washington, D.C. I’ve found several photographs of the buildings and sites where Emmett would have seen and visited when he lived in D.C. as a Congressman between 1913 and 1917. The […]

Look Closely

Remember this post from a few weeks ago? Well, I’ve found a partial photo of that house! Take a look: In the background is the front porch of the Cephas Love Wilson house, complete with Doric column, shutters on the windows, and wooden swing! It’s accurate, too, if you recall […]

Ceph’s House

During the last research visit to Florida, I spent the day in Marianna, visiting Emmett’s old haunts; including: The Jackson County Courthouse, Cephas’ law office (now the law office of Elizabeth M. Simpson), St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and Cemetery. One place I’d hoped to see was Cephas Love Wilson’s home, […]

A Lesson in History

This weekend, I’m working on a small part of the second chapter of Emmett’s story, taking place in December, 1899. Emmett is coming home from college (West Florida Seminary) for Christmas. I want to describe what the town looked like when he hopped off the L&N train at the Chipley […]