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The More Things Stay the Same

In Sunday’s online edition of The Washington Post, we find this interesting item: The survey doesn’t go back to Emmett’s time, but from what I’ve observed in the contemporary literature and media from his day, social drinking among those in his profession was ‘normal’, expected, typical. A man had a few […]

The 100-Year Uphill Climb

Several weeks ago, at the start of football season, I mentioned my alma mater, Mississippi State University, and how I love my team, good, bad, and mostly terrible, because — let’s face it — MSU has never been number one of anything in football, has never been considered for a […]

What Emmett Saw in Pohick

It occurred to me yesterday while I was at the Pohick Cemetery that Emmett had been there. A little background: Emmett’s uncle, Everard Meade, was the rector of Pohick Episcopal Church. His aunt, Lucy, had been very close Emmett’s mother, and she likely remained in close contact with her nieces […]