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Friends, I’ve taken a little break over the past two days to get organized.

I have one class ending in about a week, and another one about two weeks behind that one — all on new learning management system software to boot!

That, plus at last count, I have well over 2,000 individual sources of information about Emmett. Since my trip to Pensacola, I’ve been in note-taking and data collection mode only. If I don’t stop periodically to get the data organized, I could drown in this stuff! 🙂

Meanwhile, a colleague sent me a link to a photography site where the artist has painstakingly colorized some wonderful photographs, some of which are over 100 years old.

Isn’t this gorgeous? It really makes Twain seem ‘current,’ doesn’t it? Also, it is hard for me to realize that, yeah, the people from Emmett’s time did live lives in color! It is easy for me to forget that if all I see are the black and white images.

There are some truly breathtaking photos here; I especially like Albert Einstein’s photo.

I’d love to have Emmett’s photo colorized. Maybe I’ll hit my sister (a professional photographer) up for that one!


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