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Emmett Wilson, “Living Skeleton”

In celebration of Halloween, I thought I’d share a little odd item I found a while back from Emmett’s college yearbook, The Argo, 1900:

From: The Argo, 1900. West Florida Seminary (now Florida State University).

From: The Argo, 1900. West Florida Seminary (now Florida State University).


Rather appropriate for Halloween, isn’t it?

I am curious about the Cemetery Club. What kind of club was it? When and where were their meetings held? What kind of club business did they conduct? How did one become a member?

I recognize the name of “Carter, Chief Mourner” in the list: That’s Paul Carter, Emmett’s best friend and roommate, who also attended West Florida Seminary. Also, J.T.G. Crawford, the Keeper of the Graveyard, was a longtime friend of Emmett’s; Crawford would become important in West Florida politics during Emmett’s tenure as a U.S. Congressman.

I can see why Emmett probably earned the name of “Living Skeleton.” This probably was a comment on his ectomorph-ic body shape. He was described as tall and thin; probably your typical skinny teenage college freshman.

Yet another odd puzzle to solve in telling Emmett Wilson’s story. What was the Cemetery Club at West Florida Seminary? Archivists and historians want to know!

Image source:

Image source:

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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