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This was on the website “The Writer’s Circle.” I shared it with my students today.

Source: The Writer's Circle

Source: The Writer’s Circle

In book-writing news, my large butcher-block paper outlines are devolving into smaller, bite-sized outlines (but still drafted on new sheets of butcher-block paper). I am, at present, breaking the exposition section into subsections, and devising an expanded outline for each. I’ll do this for every part of the book.

From there, I can plug in details and whip my various drafts into shape. This isn’t micromanaging the writing process; for me, it is comforting. I need clear direction to move forward, to create a logical bio out of the sea of citations, notes, and drafts.

I will not write by the seat of my pants anymore. For me, Good Orderly Direction = Sanity.

I’ll be back in another day or so when I have the exposition section outlined properly.

Can you believe that Spring Break at the university is in 15 days? You’d never guess it if you saw all the snow around here.


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