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Rebuilding Discovery; Breaking the ‘Very’ Habit


I am back from the database rebuilding saga that has taken all frigging week. I feel refreshed and recharged, though, because I now have a better organized database.

Ya know, if it had to happen, I’m glad it happened NOW, and not when I would be finishing the book.

I didn’t like that this happened, but the database review/rebuild has been beneficial:

For starters, I’ve gone over almost every single fact about Emmett that I have to date, and this has helped me weed out the important points from the mass of data.

Next, in going over all the files, I discovered several important details that now reveal a THIRD antagonist in his story! THREE BAD GUYS! Heh heh heh…I don’t like keeping this to myself, folks. I really want to share it with you (and I will, in the book)!

Why didn’t I see this earlier? Well, I found the information during the first two months of my research when the details of Emmett’s life were still sketchy and hard to find. I stashed this information away then (thankfully), not realizing what it was until much later (this week).

There’s a lot to be said for GOING SLOWLY when in the discovery process of research. The information did not mean that much to me when I found it originally — it jumped out at me with a vengeance two days ago, though, only after I have had the chance to get to know ALL of the key players in Emmett’s story over the past year or so.

So, I am back among the blogging. I’m not quite finished with the rebuild, but the research and writing will be back on track soon.


Before I go, here’s a great mnemonic I shared with my students on Friday. The problem I see in most of my students’ work is wordiness, especially the use of “very.”



Practical and entertaining. Definitely memorable.

That’s why I love Mark Twain.

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