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It is awfully quiet around here today.

I’m working from my home office for a change, for the chance to delve deep into the second chapter of Emmett’s book. I chose to work from home today because for the first time in — always — the nest is empty. At least until late afternoon.

In line to get on the bus!

In line to get on the bus!

The schools are back in session today, and it was a little bittersweet to see my youngest march off onto the bus this morning, by himself. He’s been looking forward to this day for years — and today, he took his first ride on the school bus!

Hopefully, the thrill hasn’t worn off for him yet.

I wonder what Elizabeth Wilson, Emmett’s mother, thought as she watched her children leave the nest, one-by-one? (Probably the same bittersweet feeling I have today — but then, maybe not. She might have been glad to see Cephas out of the house when his time came along. Haha!)

I wonder what she did for school lunches? (She probably home schooled everyone, as the children she had ranged from 8 to about 6 months, and they were living in the jungles of Belize. So, no packed lunches, or mystery meat cafeteria food for the Wilson children!)


I’m proud as I can be that all of my kids are off, and that (so far, knock wood) none of the schools have called us yet for any misbehavior or other issue. But then, it is just the first day.

Hope your first day of school is good, wherever you are!

Hope your first day of school is good, wherever you are!

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