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Burnout & Writing Mojo Inspiration

The third chapter of Emmett’s book is moving right along, but now and then I have to step away from it. I’ve been steeped in Emmett Wilson’s life and the 1910s for three years. Sometimes, I just need a break, to read something different, and to do something 21st-Centuryish. Otherwise, I’m going to burn out, and lose my writing mojo.

I had to do the same thing when I was working on the dissertation. I’d been so deep in my topic (managing critical incidents in technology-enhanced classrooms) for about three years, and writing the third chapter of the manuscript. There were two chapters to go.

I had to stop, because I was getting frustrated and angry at the topic. Bottom line, I was tired of it. My dean (and dissertation chairman) told me — ordered me — to take the summer off. Do not touch the chapters. I was fearful that I’d lose my momentum and never get it done. She told me I was more likely NOT to get it done if I kept up the breakneck writing/editing pace.

Besides, she wouldn’t review my chapters that summer anyway. She was off to do her own research project in Arizona.

Three months later, we got back together; I read the manuscript with fresh eyes, and the writing mojo was reawakened.


Oh. That 21st-Centuryish thing I’m doing to keep fresh?

I registered, along with two friends, to do this:

Sunday, September 11, 2016!

Sunday, September 11, 2016!

It’s almost three months away! We’ve already started working out regularly! I hope to be in pretty good running shape by then!

I might actually win something too, since I’m now in what the call the ‘Master’s’ age group. Yeah!

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