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The First 100 Years

Look what came in the mail this week!


It is the history of the first 100 years of Stetson University by Gilbert Lycan, a longtime professor of history at Stetson. The book is out of print, but I found a great copy via Amazon from a used book store for a grand total of $8, shipping and handling included.


I was interested in obtaining a copy of this book after writing up the article about the scandal at Stetson involving John Forbes and Lena B. Mathes, because one of the sources I read cited interesting information from Lycan’s book several times. Lycan noted the direct testimony of the witnesses in the Forbes’ hearings.

Also, there was mention of a chapter dedicated specifically to the first years of the law school — and so, of course, I had to have the book!


I had hoped the chapter would have mentioned Emmett’s class, the Class of 1904, as that was the year of the Forbes-Mathes scandal, and because Emmett and his fellow students certainly would have discussed the legal issues directly affecting the campus. Alas, no mention of Emmett or his classmates.

But, there is quite an extensive section about the Forbes-Mathes case. The only real ‘new’ information I found in Lycan’s book was in the citations section — he mentioned reading the witnesses statements, and cited the location of the sources of the witness’ testimony. Bonus!

Well, maybe a bonus for some other person who wants to write about this story.  I already have a few other bio plans lined up after I’m done with Emmett, and a story about a tawdry romance isn’t my bag.



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