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I’m not ignoring you, Emmett

Poor Emmett’s chapter has been languishing on my desktop all week. I’m not ignoring you, Emmett. You could say insanity got in the way.

First, it was an insane schedule. I was at various training workshops last week; I have one more this week, and that should finalize my continuing ed requirements for the year. It was three four-hour sessions across three days. The last four-hour session is on Wednesday. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the CE was on campus, as was originally planned. All of the rescheduled ones were off campus — at least an hour commute either way.

If it weren’t for the fact that I was near my CE deadline, I’d have moved them to a more sane place in my schedule — that is, if I could find it. The best thing to do was to just show up and get it done.

Second, it was an insane half-marathon. I had been convinced by one of my friends (running with me on the left) to do this race about three months ago. We’ll all be in shape by then, they said. Your schedule will be fine, they said.


2016 Parks Half Marathon - Photo by Dan Reichmann, MCRRC

2016 Parks Half Marathon – Photo by Dan Reichmann, MCRRC

I don’t know about the in-shape part, as my time was awful. The schedule — well, I’ve already told you about that. But I got ‘er done. The good news is that I can recover today — no classes, and Tylenol to ease my aching joints. I’m really paying for that half-mile sprint to the finish line today.

I have some interesting new stuff to share about Emmett this week. I’ll be on it in the next few days.

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