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Now that official grades have been posted for my final class of 2016, I can turn my attention back to poor old Emmett and his manuscript, the bulk of which has been languishing on that old sideboard in my office.


Behold book one, in all its glory, still lacking its final 30 pages, and the all-important notes and references section.

It beckons. Come on, the pages say. Finish me. You’re soooooo close….

I’ve missed working on the book, missed losing myself in the political and personal dramas of Emmett in 1906.


Behold the crate of notes and references that will be boiled down into the scholarly section of the book. This isn’t all of it — I’ll need to include virtual references, too. Three years of collecting and drafting and reading and digging. Originally, I started this with the idea of writing one book, but the scope of the personalities and issues involved in Emmett’s life story

The good news is that much of the material I gathered for Book One will provide a nice solid foundation for Book Two.


Between you and me, I admit feeling great apprehension just thinking about releasing Emmett’s first book.

Mostly, I’m fearful that it won’t be ‘perfect,’ that I’ll overlook a reference or footnote, or that it won’t be well received…

…well, actually, I’m not that worried about the reception, because Emmett’s story will appeal only to a certain readership. Massive blockbuster readership appeal has never been the goal.

But after reading this review, I’m less apprehensive, and in fact, feeling pretty good about the manuscript, even though it is still a working draft.

Time to roll up the sleeves and dive into 1906!

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