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Some of my neighbors recently received a document called the American Community Survey, and voiced concerns on our community listserv about it — primarily, the concern was that it was a hoax, or another attempt by the government to be intrusive in private citizen’s lives.

The American Community Survey. Source: ACS

The American Community Survey. Source: ACS

It’s not a hoax. The American Community Survey is taken between the decennial Census. It is an important tool to sociologists and other researchers to identify issues such as adequate broadband service or indoor plumbing in poor communities. Industries use the information to identify where a grocery store may be needed, for example.

The ACS is a great tool for finding quick demographic data, too.

The ACS is sent to random households in communities to ensure quality. I urge people who receive the survey to fill it out — and to check out the data for yourself at the U.S. Census/ACS page!

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