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Today in pictures

It snowed last night,

A view of the chicken coop in the snow behind my house.

Spring, meet Winter. My poor frozen daffodils.

which brings our early Spring to a temporary halt.

The schools are closed as well, which brings all best intentions of writing on Emmett’s book to a temporary halt.

Sledding and fort-building…

…and a kiss from my youngest son.

Although I don’t expect to make progress on Emmett’s manuscript, I figured today would be a great day to immerse myself into a wonderful collection of vintage books I picked up at a used book sale this weekend.

My most recent haul from a used book sale this weekend.

The snow turned to slush around noon. My children came in for lunch, then decided to settle down in front of the television for a movie. The house got quiet, and I settled down to read a few pages of Emmett’s chapter.

Chapter three, with notes.

I found this:

So, no Emmett today. Just Mom time with my kids. I’m sure he would understand that.

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