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On Faith

Source: The Smart Set, April 1913, p. 119, via Google Books

I think Emmett probably read this magazine. The articles and writers were pretty much up his alley.

And if he did, I like to think he might have seen this poem. It’s lovely.


Speaking of faith, I’ve been slogging away with what I call ‘adjunct Emmett’ writing; i.e., submitting articles about Emmett and my research to different journals over the last week. The whole submission process has been quite a grind — several times I’ve thrown my hands up in frustration and/or cursed the product — but the end result is worth it. I have faith that Emmett’s story is meant to be!

I have one article in development right now, and I’m trying to meet a deadline (Wednesday). Once I put that article to bed, I’ll be back this week with another installment on Emmett’s secretaries.

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  1. The poem reflects such a romantic view of a yearning love, like that of a seeker. Thank you for sharing it.

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