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“Jeopardy” is taping here in DC in a few weeks. I’ve always wanted to be on that program, but I know, realistically, the odds are low.

Still, for fun, I took the online test to go on the show and did so mediocrely that I sincerely doubt I’ll be selected.

There were no ‘categories’, and the topics were so all over the place (math, biology, geology, literature, paranoia, etc.) that my mind was constantly switching gears during the entire process. I could literally ‘feel’ the brain cells switching on and off. I was able to answer two thirds of the questions, then the test ended, and I felt like I had been wrung out to dry.

Funny thing was the night before I had a dream I was on the show, and when the board of categories was revealed, I was ecstatic! I was going to WIN!

The topics were: Alcoholics, Alcoholics in Literature, Assholes, Assholes in Literature, Whining, Catholics, and Poor Punchlines.


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  1. I would laugh, but only at the dream you described. Oh, you may win yet! I think you know more than most folks!

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