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Another Emmett Anniversary

Source: The Pensacola Journal, page 1, Wednesday, May 29, 1918.

Emmett’s obituary, 114 years ago tomorrow.

The haste in which the obituary was set during paste-up is obvious — Emmett died shortly after midnight as the paper was put to be; the front page had to be reset in a matter of minutes — because there are errors in the text (for example, his age, not to mention a few typos). Emmett’s death was news so it rightly made the front page, but it was set below the fold.

Additionally, the text chose came right from the congressional biography. It’s interesting to also note that the layout staff used his college graduation photo (taken in 1904) instead of a more current, more important photo, such as one of his congressional portraits (which they would have had on file somewhere — he was only out of office 14 months).

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