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The Value of Negative Space

In between writing and digging around in a new-to-me database this week, I’ve been reading microfilm copies of The West Florida Commercial and The Pensacola Observer, 1867-69. These newspapers were published during Reconstruction, and there are only scattered issues in existence. By 1871, both papers had ceased publication. With so […]

I Found This Amusing…

A friend who knows my anal retentivity about proofreading sent it to me. I had forgotten about this. Let’s hope someone in sports ticket production ran this year’s text through a spell check program that was not developed or produced in Alabama. === In Emmett’s book news: It has been […]

On the Desk This Week…

What you see is what I’m reading over the next week. No, of course, I don’t have to get it all done in seven days, but I’m on a roll and the research is getting interesting. Once I get into a book, I can’t put it down (unless it is […]

Marriage as Business Arrangement

I have a lot of papers to grade today, but before I can focus on them, I came across something in Emmett’s research that is quite enlightening. It is this: This is the wedding license of Emmett’s father, Dr. Francis C. Wilson and Kate Langley Jordan, Emmett’s stepmother. On the […]

Game On!

A busy day at research central today: — Added about 100 new items into the Emmett Wilson database. Tedious, but part of the process. — Wrote three pages of the rough draft for chapter two. Going very slowly; driving me nuts because I’ve had to stop and start so much […]

What Emmett Saw in Pohick

It occurred to me yesterday while I was at the Pohick Cemetery that Emmett had been there. A little background: Emmett’s uncle, Everard Meade, was the rector of Pohick Episcopal Church. His aunt, Lucy, had been very close Emmett’s mother, and she likely remained in close contact with her nieces […]

Field Trip!

Today, I visited Emmett’s sister, Katie Wilson Meade. Notice Katie’s husband’s name: Emmett Augustus Meade. Emmett’s name was Augustus Emmett Wilson. Lucy Maxwell Meade (who is buried just to the right of this grave) was Emmett Meade’s mother. Lucy was the sister of Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson, Emmett Wilson’s mother. Yes, […]

A Strategy for Research: Organizing Data

When it comes to writing a major piece, such as Emmett’s book, you collect a lot of information. That’s a good thing, but it can be overwhelming. I’d mentioned in an earlier post that I have (literally) hundreds of source items, and I’m still collecting information (and probably will for […]