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Outlier, Outcast, One of Us

Yesterday afternoon, I finished reading the 1918 edition of The Chipley Banner. This publication is significant in Emmett’s research because Chipley, Florida was Emmett’s boyhood home. His father, Dr. F.C. Wilson, was a well respected townsman and the postmaster (a patronage gift from Emmett while a congressman). While Emmett was […]

The Addicted Life

The blogger Michael Segal asks an interesting question: Is ambition an addiction worth having? As some of you know from a few earlier posts, Emmett Wilson essentially drank himself to death at age 35 on May 29, 1918. Behind the drinking, I think, was another addiction: Ambition. Part of a […]

Ancestors & Antlers

Friends, a while back I had mentioned that Emmett and I share a common ancestor way back in the family tree, namely the Earl of Caithness. “Earl” is on my maternal grandmother’s side of the family. For Emmett, Earl is on his maternal grandfather’s side of the family, if that […]


Say hello to Emmett for us — and perhaps could you give him a few tips on punchlines? Emmett’s jokes were corny at best — but you don’t have to tell him I told you that. 🙂            

Oddities and Ironies

For the past few days, I’ve been trying to track down an odd clue that I came across in Emmett’s research. Earlier this week, while digging around for information on Emmett’s grandfather, Augustus Emmett Maxwell, an odd item — and I mean, a VERY odd item — kept coming up […]

Bicycle Face

Did you know that there was such a phenomenon? Neither did I. Incredible what people thought back in Emmett’s time about the effects of ‘newfangled contraptions’ on the public at large. The article about Bicycle Face got my attention because of something I had read about Emmett when he was […]

It Could Have Been Caught

Yesterday, I mentioned an interesting ‘find’ about Emmett’s medical history — more specifically — his cause of death. The official record states ‘uremia’ (chronic kidney failure) as the cause of death. Although there were other related issues going on with him, the bottom line is that Emmett’s kidneys shut down, […]