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Chapter 36: News to Me

December 22, 1900Dr. Francis C. Wilson’s Office, Downtown Chipley Continued from here. === I climbed the stairs and paused at the top; my heart was pounding.  I closed my eyes, and counted to ten; rubbed the center of my chest. Touched the liquor flask hidden in my coat pocket. After […]

Chapter 4: Strategy

I have a fool-proof information gathering strategy that has been tremendously successful in every single research project: Isolate the topic Search all easily/readily available information via basic search engines Read everything (this can take weeks) Journal during the search/reading time Reflect on the information Organize the information Consult with a […]

The Gold Medal

The thin gold medal, looped with a blue silk ribbon laying across my palm was inscribed: “1st place, Interdepartmental Speech Competition.” The obverse: “Stetson University, 1904.” I coveted this medal because last year I was the runner up to my best friend Paul Carter. I never placed first in any […]