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Chapter 18: Denies He’s a Foreigner

I have interesting information — some in the form of primary sources! — about the Wilson family’s tenure in British Honduras. I’d like to start with this article, an interview with Emmett during his first term as a U.S. Congressman, because it is presented as his words. Here’s what he […]

Chapter 17: Clues in the Obituary

A reporter once wrote that if you really wanted to piss off Emmett Wilson, ask him about his nativity. That is, if he was a REAL American citizen given he was born in British Honduras during his parent’s ‘temporary sojourn’ there. Emmett’s obituary in the May 29, 1918 issue of […]

Chapter 8: Something Awry

Most of the contemporary articles I found about Emmett were read as they came in, in no particular chronological order.  To keep things straight, I cataloged every detail I found into a timeline. After three weeks of reading and documenting articles about Emmett, I took a few days off to […]

An Interview With Minnie

Towards the end of December, I came across an excellent interview conducted with Emmett’s close friend Minnie Kehoe. The text of the interview is below, along with the original source information. Note that this wasn’t exactly an in-person interview; Minnie apparently took issue with one of the articles published by […]

Not her father’s daughter

I’m not one to go about picking on other’s research, but I suppose (with five years of Emmett Wilson research — that’s way over 10,000 hours of continuous digging and nit-picking) I can safely call myself an Emmett Wilson Expert. …at least, that’s what my colleague (who is a credible […]

Coffee-spit-worthy Clip

I admit I spewed a bit of coffee this morning when I saw this new-to-me clip freshly found in the January 3, 1917 edition of The Pensacola Journal: “Mrs. Emmett Wilson?” GAH. I turned immediately to all of my known and collected documents — and breathed a huge sigh of […]

Cemetery picnics

Here’s a great article from Atlas Obscura on a once popular fad,  picnics in cemeteries. Actually, I think it’s great — I’m not just saying that because I like to hang out in cemeteries ‘getting to know’ the individuals who will play prominent roles in Emmett’s book — but there’s […]

Modeste Sierra Hargis

I have new information to share on Modeste Hargis, entrepreneur, professional whistler, and Emmett’s pharmacist! It’s the obituary for Modeste Hargis‘ mother, Modeste Sierra Hargis, from the Pensacola Daily News, Friday, January 22, 1904, page 1: I love finding these old obituaries; they often include a sentimental (and perhaps charitable!) […]

Eclectic Research Findings

As mentioned in previous posts, I do regular check-ins for new/updated items in databases for information about Emmett Wilson. Following is an mix of different/oddball items of interest: First, the actual copyright information for Emmett’s official portrait for his first term in office. Notice that there are two dates. The […]