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1916 Democratic National Convention

Gang, today’s research has me tracking down whether or not Emmett attended the the 1916 Democratic National Convention, which was held in St. Louis, Missouri from June 14-16. According to an article in the June 5, 1916 edition of The Pensacola Journal, he may have attended, since there wasn’t much […]

The “Dry Dig” of Research

Friends, I’ve been away a few days because I’m dealing with a dry patch in Emmett’s information dig. Ever since I’ve returned from Pensacola, I’ve been reading microfilm; last week, I finished all of the reels for the 1915 Pensacola Journal. To be honest, it was a long, tedious read […]

Throwback Thursday, Emmett-Style

Readers, what I find amazing in my research is that there are quite a number of companies and products still in existence that were around during Emmett’s time. First off, the Cola Wars were alive and well: As were the Fountain Pen Wars:               […]

A Snapshot of Summer in Emmett’s Day

In celebration of the solstice, I thought it would be interesting to look at summer in Emmett’s time. First, a look at a typical weather report for Pensacola. The weather report (right) for June 22, 1909, shows an average-looking weather report. Nothing is dramatically different than what one would see […]


Folks, I admit that sometimes when I am reading contemporary literature from Emmett’s time, I like to listen to some of the hit tunes from his day. It gets me into the “1915” (or whatever year I’m reading) frame of mind. One of the best places to hear the hits […]

Emmett’s Home

Friends, one of the best parts of my visit to Florida was a tour of Emmett’s boyhood home while in Chipley. It was wonderful on many levels: First, the current residents are lovely people, and, even though I had only corresponded with them by email for a few months, they […]

Emmett’s Chipley

One of the best parts about Emmett’s research trip was a visit to Chipley, Florida. This is where Emmett lived from about 1884 to 1900. The US Census (dated April, 1900) reveals Emmett was enumerated in his father’s household, but that summer, Emmett moved to Marianna, where he studied law […]

Emmett’s PR Posse

Readers, one thing I’ve always wondered about as I dig through Emmett’s life is the people he chose as advisers; then, the people he chose as managers as his campaign took off. Who were these people, and why did Emmett think he could trust his career to their advice? After […]

Temporary Roadblock

About two weeks before I made the trip to Pensacola, there was a hurricane-strength storm that blew through and created all kinds of damage. Buildings were flooded and roads were washed out. There are still a number of repairs going on around the city. There is a lot of storm-related […]