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Experiencing Becoming

Have you seen this?   The letter is from Kurt Vonnegut to a class of high school students in 2006. The student’s assignment was to write to different authors, comment on the author’s writing, and then ask for advice about the writing life. Several authors were queried. Only one — […]

The Magic School Bus

Just curious. What would you classify The Magic School Bus series? Fact? Fiction? Creative non-fiction? If you haven’t seen The Magic School Bus yet, it is a great series of books (and show on PBS) that teaches science to children in way that is completely accessible. My kids love this […]

If Diana Nyad Could Do It…

Sometimes, I get discouraged with the writing process. Hell. I’m not anywhere close with the writing. I’m just getting started, honestly. You prep for the book, you research. You outline. You put together the plot treatment, then you outline again. And again. Until it comes together. Eventually, it comes together. […]