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Early this morning, I saw this hanging in the back yard.

A spider web about a foot and a half across.

A spider web measuring about two feet across.


Another view of the impressive web.

Another view of the web. There’s two others like it nearby, also with spiders hanging out in the center.

Impressive, isn’t it? Beautiful, actually, especially as it catches the sun. There’s symmetry and purpose in this spider’s construction. As I got close to snap the photo, it looked like she was doing a little repair work in the center. It looked like she had quite the party last night — guests for dinner, you know. Haha.

I haven’t actually watched a spider construct a web like this before. The patience and detail that (I suppose) just come naturally to this creature, if that is what these spiders have, humbles me. It is as if this insect just goes about her business, makes something beautiful and useful as a natural part of her life, without thinking it to pieces.

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