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Two Years!

Can you believe it? It has been two years in the blogosphere! The second anniversary snuck up on me. It has been Spring Break here in Maryland; the kids have been home for 10 days, good for them, good for family activities. Bad for writing on the manuscript, but everything […]

He Just Went to Sleep

Notice the date. In sum, here’s what happened, 97 years ago. Emmett was hospitalized at Pensacola Hospital for almost a week prior to his death; he went through a few days of harrowing delirium tremens (and was likely strapped down during the time). It wasn’t a regular hospital room; Pensacola […]

One Year in the Blogosphere

It’s Go For Broke Day! It’s also the first anniversary of Emmett’s book blog, “Tell My Story”! One year ago, I was thinking about how to get motivated towards writing Emmett’s book. I’d been in the data/information gathering mode for almost a year. I was feeling antsy. I wanted to […]