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Good Orderly Direction (G.O.D.)

“People who want to believe something will do so despite any and all evidence to the contrary.” Carolyn Hax, The Washington Post, February 3, 2018   “Everything happens on God’s schedule, not mine.” A.A. meeting, Washington, D.C. These are two quotes I’ve come to appreciate over the past two weeks. […]

The Process

The posts are fewer and further between this month. Don’t worry. It’s all good. I’ve had my head down in the notes, charts, and multiple rough drafts as I try to close out the first book sometime before the end of December. That’s my latest and most reasonable deadline. Thing […]

Happy Founder’s Day

Eighty years ago today, AA was founded. You can read about it, here. Also, here. I’m lucky to have found AA. It works for me. AA isn’t for everyone; there are also no guarantees when you come into the program. But somehow, I have found that it works for me […]