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Happy Founder’s Day

Eighty years ago today, AA was founded. You can read about it, here. Also, here.

I’m lucky to have found AA. It works for me. AA isn’t for everyone; there are also no guarantees when you come into the program. But somehow, I have found that it works for me when nothing else would, and for this alcoholic, it was a miracle. Trust me on that one.

The original Big Book. Source: AA General Services

The original Big Book. Source: AA General Services

I count my blessings that I found AA when I did. Many don’t ever find it. Unfortunately for Emmett Wilson, it didn’t exist yet.

I wonder, sometimes, if AA would have worked for Emmett. I know there was at least two interventions with family members and friends; I know he tried to stop drinking more than once, but, none of the strategies worked for him.

What seems to keep me coming back, as we say in the rooms, is going to meetings and talking to my fellows there. There is something about publicly owning it, this illness, this helplessness, in a room where others empathize, that stifled the desire to take another drink over eight years ago.

Source: Mashable.

Source: Mashable.

Knowing Emmett as well as I think I do, I believe he would have owned it, too, in a room of like minded AAs. Why? Because almost exactly one year to the date of Emmett’s death, he sat down and wrote his amends. He knew he was dying at that point, according to the document. He knew he had to clear his side of the street as best he could, and he did. He tried, anyway.

But, in the end, he still couldn’t stop drinking.

I believe that if he had had AA sometime in his life, it would have made a difference. But of course, we’ll never know for sure.

Regardless. Thank you, Bill Wilson (no relation to Emmett).




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