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Chapter 169: The Difference A Day Makes

April 17, 2022Chevy Chase, Maryland Now, this was interesting. Just one day after Judge Charles B. Parkhill announced in the same newspaper that he was running for U.S. Congress, he changed his mind? According to the information in The Pensacola Journal, Parkhill issued a written statement to the same paper, […]

Chapter 168: A Candidate is Chosen

April 9, 2022Chevy Chase, Maryland Emmett’s command performance for Whit Kelly in Columbus, Georgia on October 24, 1911 wasn’t solely to placate Kelly. Someone else was watching this play out for a good reason, and it wasn’t Byrd Kelly. It was Frank Mayes. Mayes and the Florida Democratic Executive Committee […]

Hall of Fame

This was an interesting find the other day. Yes, this is the veritable “Who’s Who” of Florida’s legal and political leadership as of 1899. If you were ANYBODY of importance, your mug was here, in this eye-test of a montage. I went through every single doggone one of these images. […]