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Field Trip: Congressional Cemetery

Yesterday, I visited historic Congressional Cemetery, located on E Street, Southeast, in Washington, D.C. I used to live only about five blocks from Congressional Cemetery when I first moved to D.C. back in the late 1980s. (I’d never visited when I lived on the Hill; I wasn’t into history back […]

Debunking a Family Story

I’ve introduced you to my grandmother in this blog before. My beloved Mamaw was Catherine Cecilia Brady. She was a hoot and a half. She was also one tough cookie: A badass IRS auditor (the only woman in that office, who also became the manager of said office in the […]


Had Emmett been buried at Congressional Cemetery in D.C., I might actually would have been able to say, “Yeah, Emmett and I once saw a movie together.” Here’s what I mean: Tonight’s flick: Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. The movie starts at 6:30. The next event at the cemetery is Dead Man’s […]