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Chapter 13: Disappointing diagnosis?

About two weeks after following up with Mike Burke with the proper Wilson ancestor information, and approval from Sacred Heart Hospital’s general counsel, I received this email message: Well, there it was: An official hospital record indicating Emmett was an alcoholic. But was that enough? In research, one has to […]

His Death Came “As a Great Shock”

Here’s another new-to-me clipping discovered through routine checking of updated databases: Emmett’s father’s obituary contains interesting information. For example, even though Dr. Wilson had been ill for several days, his death may have been unexpected, as it was a ‘great shock.’ Dr. Wilson’s death information (from a second source) mentioned […]

He Just Went to Sleep

Notice the date. In sum, here’s what happened, 97 years ago. Emmett was hospitalized at Pensacola Hospital for almost a week prior to his death; he went through a few days of harrowing delirium tremens (and was likely strapped down during the time). It wasn’t a regular hospital room; Pensacola […]

Rheumatism as Euphemism

Some alcoholics ‘hit bottom’ (i.e., reach a point where they become teachable, where they are sick and tired of being sick and tired) sooner than others. For myself, it came after about 30 years of moderate to occasional heavy drinking. At the end, it wasn’t as if I was having […]