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Studying Stones

Today, I went through some of the photos I took at Glenwood Cemetery in Chipley, Florida, where I visited Emmett’s parents, Dr. Francis C. Wilson, and Elizabeth V. Wilson. I took these two photos the last time I was in Chipley; I didn’t have a lot of time that day […]

The Class Prophet

A few days ago, I was reading through archived copies of Stetson University’s student newspaper, the Stetson Weekly Collegiate, and I noticed that in some of the issues printed either before or right after graduation, some of those papers printed the graduating class’ ‘Prophecy.’ This is a old tradition for […]

Marriage as Business Arrangement

I have a lot of papers to grade today, but before I can focus on them, I came across something in Emmett’s research that is quite enlightening. It is this: This is the wedding license of Emmett’s father, Dr. Francis C. Wilson and Kate Langley Jordan, Emmett’s stepmother. On the […]

The Dud

I was revved up this morning when this book arrived in my office from InterLibrary Loan: I’ve been waiting for this book for about three weeks — which is about how long it takes, depending on the book’s availability. (I’m not great at waiting around patiently for a book to […]

Progress Report & Convo with Jule

If you’ve been following along the blog over the past few days, you know that the first chapter is about Emmett’s family.  (Well, my family, too. Emmett is my cousin.) The first chapter is in pretty good shape; actually, it is probably going to be divided into two more sections […]

Dr. Francis Wilson, M*A*S*H Doctor?

It’s natural during the writing process to come up with new questions. I have a good one today. A major character in the first chapter-in-progress is Emmett’s father, Dr. Francis Childria Wilson. He was a beloved community doctor in Emmett’s boyhood home of Chipley, Florida. People in Chipley loved him. […]