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Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson, Part I

Emmett’s mother, Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson, has been an enigma. Of all the women in Emmett’s life, it is clear that Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson had the most impact. But ironically, it has been hard to find anything out about her. For almost three years, I hadn’t found much other than she […]

Recipient Most Likely

The quest to locate the Wilson family Bible continues. Here’s what I’ve determined so far: Emmett’s father, Dr. F.C. Wilson, remarried about 18 months after the death of wife Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson. The new mizzus, Kate Langley Jordan Wilson entered the scene. She was a decent person; had no desire […]

Studying Stones

Today, I went through some of the photos I took at Glenwood Cemetery in Chipley, Florida, where I visited Emmett’s parents, Dr. Francis C. Wilson, and Elizabeth V. Wilson. I took these two photos the last time I was in Chipley; I didn’t have a lot of time that day […]

Honoring Mother, Mom, and Mamaw

I often wonder about the relationship Emmett had with his mother: Was it formal or relaxed? Was it “Mother” or “Mom?” At this point, even after two years of research into Emmett’s life, I still don’t know much about Emmett’s mother, Elizabeth Virginia Maxwell Wilson. I’m still looking for family […]