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Update: Emmett & the PDS

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the archive at Florida State University had a new item listed in their holdings related to Emmett Wilson, namely, the minutes book of the Platonic Debating Society. I contacted their excellent archivist, Sandra, and asked if it was possible for someone to take […]

Cold Facts

All together, we have about 30 inches of snow on the ground at my house. My husband has dug a path down the driveway to the street … which probably won’t be shoveled by the county until Wednesday. I’m not going anywhere for a few days. Thankfully, we have plenty […]

What’s it worth?

I’m sitting at the desk, the office is perfectly quiet, I have a draft in front of me to start hacking away at… …and I manage, once again, to get distracted from the writing, and to track down the minutiae of the little thing that piqued my interest! Here’s what […]

Oh Hell Yeah!

It was a productive day! I worked on Emmett’s book this afternoon, watched this outstanding contest… …and, converted an FSU fan to MSU! Yeah, baby! Productive! I’ll report back on the writing progress (it is going well)! Hail State!  

Gratitude and Buckram Binding

This morning, the archivist at Florida State University library let me know they had found a text I’d been seeking (and thinking did not exist anymore) for about three or four months. Joy! What’s more, the archivist advised that they are having to disbind the book in order to digitize […]

The Comeback Kid

I believe that everyone deserves the occasional mulligan. Because second chances are rare, if you’re smart, you use that opportunity to your best advantage. That’s what happened with Emmett when he was about 20 years old, and had basically flunked out of West Florida Seminary (what is now Florida State […]