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Following the Money

One of the things I’ve always found curious about Emmett Wilson’s life was why he never lived on his own, never owned a house, never had his own apartment in which he was responsible for everything (food, furniture, utilities and the like). Emmett was a bachelor with an active and […]

Emmett’s Will

One hundred years ago today, almost exactly a year to his death, Emmett wrote his will. I have a copy of Emmett’s original will; the document was typewritten by Emmett himself, on old Banking and Currency Committee stationery that he had saved from his tenure as a U.S. Congressman. Emmett […]

“God Knows I Am Sorry.”

Continuing the study of A. Max Wilson’s children, we now meet the second son, James Fannin Wilson. And confidentially, I’ve sat on the story of Fannin for several days because I wasn’t sure how to present it. In straight journalism, one presents the data, without editorializing or embroidering the piece further. […]

Rm w/a View & Then Some

Have you seen this? Yep, that’s a lawmaker getting ready to go nighty-night right there in the office. The NPR story, which can be found here, says it is a matter of circumstances for many of our elected officials: It is expensive to live in D.C., to plunk down an […]

What’s it worth?

I’m sitting at the desk, the office is perfectly quiet, I have a draft in front of me to start hacking away at… …and I manage, once again, to get distracted from the writing, and to track down the minutiae of the little thing that piqued my interest! Here’s what […]