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The Puzzler

The next information I have about Emmett’s nephew, Cephas Love Wilson Jr., is dated 1905 — he’s 10 years old — and back in the day, having one’s name printed in newspaper (especially The Pensacola Journal, a paper with a much larger circulation than the Marianna Times-Courier) was a big […]

Judge Francis Beauregard Carter

Our next article based on the Smithwick Businessman’s Roundtable of 1907  is on Judge Francis Beauregard Carter. Judge Carter’s an interesting subject;  I believe he’s worthy of his own biography — I’ll tell you why at the end of this essay. The two best sources of information on Carter are […]

Working the Media

Emmett’s grand niece Elizabeth alerted me to another Cephas find the other day. One immediate takeaway from this piece was interesting — Ceph described as gossipy. Honestly, I don’t find that surprising. Cephas knew the value of the media in building one’s political career, as did Emmett.  Both Ceph and […]