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Maroon Friday

Happy Maroon Friday, everyone! College football season starts tomorrow; my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs aren’t even RANKED this week. Huh. I seem to remember a certain team that also entered the first week of college football season unranked in 2014, only to climb to the top of college football rankings […]

The 100-Year Uphill Climb

Several weeks ago, at the start of football season, I mentioned my alma mater, Mississippi State University, and how I love my team, good, bad, and mostly terrible, because — let’s face it — MSU has never been number one of anything in football, has never been considered for a […]

No offense…

Really. Nothing against Emmett. I love him dearly, but you have to admit, this guy: …would probably not have done this: Different time, different game, different, er, protective gear. Or maybe he did, and that explains why he’s not on the 1900 WFS football team roster. The ‘Tell My Story’ […]

Oh Hell Yeah!

It was a productive day! I worked on Emmett’s book this afternoon, watched this outstanding contest… …and, converted an FSU fan to MSU! Yeah, baby! Productive! I’ll report back on the writing progress (it is going well)! Hail State!  

Rolling Right Along…

Good news: The narrative style is working. It lets me channel the research such that Emmett is narrating his story (with a little bit of help from me in the background)! When I started writing about 10 days ago, I used a standard, very structured, academic, follow-the-outline writing method, and frankly, […]

The Skeleton in the Closet

When I read microfilm, I usually come across titillating bits and interesting articles unrelated to Emmett Wilson, and save them. These little items tell me that people of Emmett’s day weren’t as uptight as we think, and that even 100 years later, we still have a lot in common. Today, […]